Elephant Parade 2016 i Slotarkaderne, Hillerød

Meet Bubbles
- he is an Elephant.

He is one of his kind who is bound to save a total race from extinction. But he doesn’t know that. He is just blowing bubbles.
He likes the water - look closely and you will see the blue water all over him. He got it behind his ears, under his tail and he is often lying on his right side when he meets the water - you see it?
Bubbles life is on one side a beautiful life with lots of love from his best friend Nature. They are doing everything together. They see the Sun come up in the morning and the Moon take over in the night. They play together, they blow bubbles together and the birds tip in with storytelling about what they see in the world.
The world is big and Bubbles is amazed of all the tellings about big actions to protect his best friend Nature. "Nature and I are like one. We are two bits of the same. We can't live without each other. He scratches my back - I have a favorited tree and it scratch's me right on the spot - and I settle him with ease with my trumpet sounds.” Bubble said.
“Is there anyone like me out in the world, blowing bubbles and laying on the right side in the water?" He asked the birds.
"Many is like you if they all were here, but in the world you a few and because you can't see them here, there is less of you by the day"
Bubbles other side is sadness. Sometimes the Sun is too bright and the water too little. The bubbles aren’t going to be big. The trees are not strong enough to stand on their own and the birds fly away. Before the birds flew away Bubbles asked if they could look out for telling of others blowing bubbles like him.
His sadness made him sit down but he was still blowing the same bubbles.
And when the birds returned his smile went back with the anticipation about stories like his own about a life with much joy and a little sadness. A sadness which also is a hope for more like minded.
The birds landed on his back and one on his head, whispering in his big ear the telling of elephants in Denmark also blowing bubbles.
“But they are not free like you Bubbles. They live in a designed Nature. It looks like your friend Nature but I spent a couple of days and it is not like our friend Nature”.
Even though their little sadness they have lots of joy too. They are living together, blowing bubbles together, and are making more of you together.
Bubbles eyes went big and mind too. "What if..." He said "if the two worlds could combine. Our best friend Nature and all of us together - then we will be forever blowing bubbles.